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Cadenza Live provides full instrumental color, harmony and texture in an infinitely patient virtual ensemble that never tires of rehearsing and helps musicians develop a deeper understanding of both the music and the mechanics of their repertoire. Cadenza Live’s private recording playback and musical analytics encourage reflective and productive practice, creating a laboratory for exploring musical expression and interpretation. Remix and share your best performances across platforms with friends, family, teachers.

Repertoire with the Soul of Musicality: No More "Accompaniment Tracks"

Curated for advanced string and wind players, from high school students to conservatory faculty and career soloists, each Cadenza Live piece is a well-crafted musical experience that evolves over performances. Beyond the "body" of the professionally produced accompaniment, each Cadenza piece has a "soul" of the deep musical understanding powered by sophisticated musical artificial intelligence fine-tuned by professionals.

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About Us and Our Timeline

The research behind Cadenza started since the 1990s with multiple National Science Foundation (NSF) funded projects conducted by the current MetaMusic team members at University of Massachusetts Amherst and later at Indiana University Bloomington to serve conservatory-level musicians at the Jacobs School of Music. With the generous support of these academic institutions, MetaMusic acquired the core technology for further development to bring the joy of music to the audience at all levels. Here are a few milestones that have played a pivotal role in MetaMusic's history.

Timeline Icon May 01, 2019

Cadenza Live app 1.1.8 released to introduce a new category of pedagogical student-teacher duos, and to provide official support for the inaugural Buffet Crampon Clarinet Competition 2019 and 3rd Intl Jinbao Trombone and Tuba Competition 2019 in China.

Timeline Icon Jan 25, 2019

Cadenza App Performed Live for All Pieces Requiring An Orchestra at the Final Concert of the 2nd International String Masterclass in Zhuhai, China.

Timeline Icon Dec 26, 2018

Cadenza ranked 8th in Music on MacAppStore.

Timeline Icon Dec 21, 2018

Cadenza is featured by MacAppStore as “Apps and Games We Love Right Now”.

Timeline Icon Dec 18, 2018

Cadenza for iPad app 1.0.3 released in French, Greek and Italian.

Timeline Icon Dec 13, 2018

School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering, Indiana University Acknowledging MetaMusic Inc.’s contribution in technology support and music content production to the great success of the AI Music China Premiere at Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, China.

Timeline Icon Nov 27, 2018

MetaMusic Inc. Proudly Provided Info Phil system and Cadenza App to Central Conservatory of Music Affiliated Middle School, known as the single best secondary specialized school for music in China.

Timeline Icon Nov 26, 2018

MetaMusic Inc. Jointly with Indiana University and Central Conservatory of Music, Premiered “An Evening of Classical Music and AI” Live Concert, Featured 12 Professional Soloists and Orchestral and Piano Accompaniment by the Info Phil in Beijing to Rave Review and National TV and News Coverage in China

Timeline Icon 2020-08-29

Cadenza Live Accompanist 1.3.0 Major Revision Released on AppStore


We've partnered with some of the most prolific and innovative conservatories around the globe, bringing musical education and AI together to assist young musicians in their journey to virtuosity.

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Cadenza Live is available for Mac and iOS in English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Russian, Greek, and Finnish.